Just Some Random Pics, Part Deux

(My last post seems to have overextended itself, space-wise, so let me continue.  I hope I’m not the guy who won’t shut up at the party!)

The last picture in that post was of Les Beaumettes, which is an amazing place where houses are literally built in the wall.  We were just driving along and did a double take – wait, that looks like a window in a rock, and there’s a door.  Yes, in fact people are living in these rocks, and enjoying every modern convenience.  There are satellite dishes discreetly tucked away, and Peugeots parked out from!

Below is a picture of a view you can enjoy from any hilltop town of your choice:

And here is the Moulin de Jerusalem, an olive mill in the town of Goult that dates back to the 12th century.

And, finally, a dark and stormy chateau.  These are the only clouds we’ve seen in the two weeks we’ve been here, but they were something!

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